Nico Engelmann

Benjamin Gosse

It is our motivation to enable our customers to access cutting edge capabilities of artificial intelligence. We deeply believe, that the progress that was made during the last few years in AI can change the manufacturing industry monumentally and will lead to a jump in modernization.

As an early phase start-up, we are at the very beginning of our journey; but we bring a lot of experience and motivation with us. We would love to welcome you on board aswell, so get in touch!

Tech stack

We are in the field of Machine Vision aswell as Deep Learning which is a subcategory of artificial intelligence. In our development department, we are using Python as our main language in addition to OpenCV & PyTorch as our core frameworks for AI and our actual application. Github is used ot manage our code, while Jira is reponsible for handling the process side. Visual Studio Code was chosen as the IDE. Optimizations on the artifical intelligence are done with the help of MLFlow.

When optimizing our hardware components, we are using the OpenVINO-Toolkit. On top fo that, the Intel Myriad Chip (VPU) is used to further reduce inefficencies.

Open positions:


Internship in Online Marketing
Start date: 31.05.
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