SYNSOR sees everything.

Even things that haven’t
happened yet.

SYNSOR doesnt miss anything:

Process monitoring by Synsor means being informed about future issues in real-time.

We offer a system connects to your production line, looks at all incoming data including images and analyzes all of them for indicators of future issues. That’s right, we can analyze machine data AND image data with our AI!

All production processes that need an understanding of visual information and machine data to get the full picture can increase OEE, reduce defect rates and proliferate operator knowledge with our system. Some examples are:

  • Electrode and separator production for battery cells
  • Continuous processes in metal manufacturing
  • Paper production
  • Technical textile production
  • Extrusion of aluminium

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Our visual AI module recognizes location, size and types of defect

The smart SYNSOR approach

Visualization package

We offer a complete solution to visualize all relevant data of a production line

  • Feed data into the system through all relevant industrial interfaces
  • You get the necessary on-premise hardware – or you let it run in the cloud
  • Choose how your data is visualized
  • Enables fixed rulesets to be applied to generate notifications

AI package

Understands what your normal production process looks like and helps you keep it that way

  • Understands both acceptable visual and machine-data behaviour
  • Correlates both data types to look for early indications of issues
  • Warns you in real-time about it
  • Allows you to document your actions to make the system recommend the right actions in the future

All advantages

Truly know what the future brings – with AI by Synsor

Visualization package

Supports many interfaces like MQTT, OPC-UA, REST-Api, ProfiNet and many more

Adaptable visualization options based on your needs

Create rules to get notifications about specific data behaviour

AI package

Helps your operators detect root causes quickly

Increases OEE, reduces defect rates and proliferates operator knowledge

Correlates between data types to predict future issues precisely

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